The treatments currently available are listed below:

Reflexology: A gentle manipulation of the feet, applying pressure to certain points helps remove toxins enabling the body to heal itself.

Beneficial in relieving: migraines, stress, muscular pain, tension, anxiety
: A massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face - helping you to relax, and improves your mental and physical health.

Beneficial in relieving: shoulder/neck tension, headaches, stress
Body Massage: Helping to relax and stimulate the workings of various bodily systems by physiologically increasing circulation throughout the body. Essential Oils can be used to help relax, balance and enhance the body, mind, and spirit.

Beneficial in relieving: poor circulation, fatigue, muscular pains, rheumatism, stress
: Using warm basalt stones, the heat from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles, assisting the release of muscle tension and encouraging the body to drift into a state of serenity and total calm.

Beneficial in relieving: muscular pains and stress resulting in a relaxing and meditative experience
Hydrotherm Body Massage: A unique luxury hands on full body massage experience, conducted on heated water cushions. Reclining on your back throughout, whilst specialist massage techniques are used to ease away body tensions. This supportive waterbed treatment allows you to float away as you feel your aches and pains soothed, stresses released.

Beneficial in relieving: fatigue, muscular pains, stress. Resulting in a relaxing and meditative experience, leaving you emotionally cleansed and physically awakened
Thermo-Auricular (Ear Candle) Therapy: Works on the chimney principle by drawing a column of air through the ear - regulating the pressure within the inner ear.

Beneficial in relieving: Hay Fever, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, glue/itchy ear, vertigo, snoring, stress
Facial Massage: A firm cleansing treatment, that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and alive

Beneficial in relieving: Stimulate circulation, lymph drainage, production of collagen and elastin (keeping the skin elastic, firm and supple)
Reiki: is a natural healing therapy, involving the laying of hands on or over the patient, working on the body's internal energy.

Beneficial in relieving: Stress-related disorders (headache and insomnia), emotional problems, Chronic pain
Seated Massage: The benefit of this type of massage is that, as no oils are used, it has the convenience of enabling the client to remain fully clothed yet still enjoy the therapeutic effects of a holistic massage. Great for the WorkPlace.
Your body may well respond after treatment; you may even experience some side effects, however the benefits far out weigh the temporary discomfort you may experience. Sometimes and it is not unusual, you may feel that the treatment has not worked or even that you are feeling worse than before treated. This is normal; it is your body's way of cleansing itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances (detoxification) before it can improve.


Some of the Benefits


Some of the Side Effects

Promotes relaxation
Reduces stress nervous tension and anxiety
Relieves muscle fatigue & stiffness
Improves joint mobility
Improves skin and muscle tone
Improves blood circulation
Boosts positive thinking
Increases energy levels
Easing pre menstrual tension


Sinus Congestions
Frequent need of passing water/bowel changes
Emotional upset
Cold or flu type symptoms
Symptoms from previously experienced illness

You may experience some, none or all of the side effects mentioned above - but these are signs that your treatment is working and your body is going through the healing process. Such reactions are temporary and many will pass within twenty four hours

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