Pamper Evening - Halesoween

~ My massage was amazing, found my deep knots &worked hard on the well needed places. I felt so relaxed after, like floating on air. I would definitely recommend this treatment & will be having it again without a doubt. Very professional and fantastic addition to a girls pamper night at home. (Hayley)
~ Fabulous girly pamper night! Udham was extremely professional throughout, providing a thoroughly de-stressing & relaxing massage. Loved the use of the hot stones. (Amanda)
~ One of the best and most relaxing massages I've ever had, would 100% recommend Udham and will definitely be having more treatments with him in the future. (Kerry)

Thank you Adam for a great family package treatment, both daughter (9) & son (5) loved their treatment and have asked if we can make it a monthly treat, parents slept like a log, I would definitely recommend it to any family thanks (Nick - Walsall)

· Body Massage/Reflexology - What a great service , I had a full body massage followed by reflexology in the comfort of my home. Adam is a true professional, he takes his time and is thorough in the treatment he gives, would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends. Thanks (Darsa - Wolverhampton)

· Corporate Treatments - Jumar Solutions (Birmingham)

~ I had a 20 minute seated back massage which was wonderful - I felt as though I was floating following my treatment. Adam is an exceptional therapist and one I would highly recommend (Jules)

~ Loved it - so relaxing and can't wait for my next one !!!
~ Never having a "dry massage" before, I was more than surprised at the wonderful results, Uds has a magic hands and would greatly recommend. (Mags)
~ It was a relaxing experience, ideal for a quick pick me up on your lunch break (Sandy)
~ Udham provided a fantastic experience in a relaxing atmosphere, one that I'd highly recommend to anyone (Daniel)
~ Udham's hands are magic (Michael)
~ Uds is very good and left me floating for the rest of the afternoon! Definitely has the magic touch! (Fran)

. Corporate Treatments - PartnershipsInCare (Bloxwhich)

~ As part of our Managers gratitude for employee hard work we have a seated back massage once a month on site with Adam. This is a wonderful experience, as the site Maintenance Tech I get a knotted back with neck pain. Adam’s treatment relieves this pain, leaves me feeling relaxed and stress free, I would definitely recommend this treatment. (Darren)

. Corporate Treatments - Major Financial Services Provider (Brindley Place, Birmingham)
10% of the bookings is paid to the Corporate Charities of the year.

~ Thank you very much Adam for your time and contribution to being part of the Birmingham Health & Benefits Fair. You had a great day and in total 45 people received a 5 minute relaxing chair massage. Feedback from HR s that you was one of the most popular stands.

Stress Relief Seated Massages
~ Very relaxing. A great way to momentarily forget stresses at work and instantly feel reenergised (Aqeel)
~ I really needed the massage today - I feel much better after it! (Gillian)
~ Visited Adam for the first time today for a 20 minute de-stress massage. Felt great afterwards, its really helped the tension in my shoulders. I'd definitely recommend! Thanks Leena for organising (Sarah W)
~ I had the Neck and Shoulder Massage & Zone Therapy Arms for 30mins. I had a lot of knots on my shoulders and sore muscles in my back. It certainly helped a lot. I have booked another session for next week. I would highly recommend it. (Marlyn)

~ Wonderful experience! Thanks Leena's Suggestion! - I enjoy it a lot! (Paige)
~ I had a 20 minute de-stress massage yesterday for the second time. It definitely relaxes you and gets rid of all the tension in your back from all the sitting at your desk! (Leonard)

~ I had a de-stress massage last week with the power of touch and it was great! Relieved all the tension in my shoulders and neck from hours spent at the desk! Well worth a visit! (Naomi)

~ I had a massage at work today - what a great way to relax and ease the tension away. I would highly recommend. (Shams)

~ I had a 20 minute stress relief seated massage plus pressure points around my head and definitely felt much more relaxed and eased after the massage. The tension applied is to the level you require. It is not just a stress relief but also relief of muscle aches and pains. Would highly recommend. (Leena)

~ I had a seated massage and found it really helped ease the tension in my neck and shoulders. The soothing music in the background helps you float away and forget about the stresses of work. I would definitely recommend a visit. (Hansa)

~ I only had 10 minutes today but next time I will book 20, really relaxing. Definitely recommend. (Vanessa)

~ I had a 20 minute Stress Relief Seated Massage which was focused on my back, neck, shoulders and head, pressure is applied to your needs to release the tension – leaving me feeling relaxed! (Leena)

~ I had a 20 minute stress relief seated massage today and this has certainly helped relieve tension across my shoulders, neck and back. I definitely felt the benefit and would highly recommend giving Adam a try. (Collette)

~ I had a 20 min back and shoulder massage yesterday from Adam. Really helped to loosen the tension in my shoulders and neck. Highly recommended !! (Brian)

~ Had a massage at the end of the day and was very relaxed. Looking forward to the next visit. (Shams)

~ Just had my first massage. Neck and shoulders feel a lot lighter and looser now. Will definitely look out to this again! (Andrew)

~ I had a seated massage this afternoon and I now feel very calm and stress free. Would highly recommend to everyone! (Gillian)

~ I had a 20 min seated massage yesterday in the middle of a packed day of meetings - a perfect way to get away from the desk, clear the mind, and remember how important your posture is! Thank you Leena for introducing me to this... (Louisa)

~ I've had a number of treatments now and find it very worthwhile. I do feel good after each session. Highly recommended (Bik)

~ Extremely relaxing after a long and stressful day. Definitely would recommend (Theresa)

~ It was fantastic, a real struggle to come back to my desk. (Rosalyn)
~ I've recently switched to the 30 minutes massage and this is definitely worth it! It's quick enough to feel the real benefits. Always come out feeling both relaxed and recharged! (Soniya)

Tension Head Massage

~ Changed my normal treatment to a 20 minute tension head massage for variety and it certainly helped clear a headache and relievd tightness across my shoulders and up my neck. I highly recommend Adam as you will definitely feel the benefit (Collette).
~ Hi, I had the tension message for 20 minutes, which was great and left me feeling relaxed and harmonious - It was just a shame I then had to go back to work! Definite recommend for anyone, I'm looking forward to trying the reflexology next time! (Daniel)

~ I would defiantly recommend it I had the 20 min tension headache and feel really good after, nice and loose and relaxed (Harry)

~ Just had a tension head massage and it is a great start to the weekend - feeling relaxed. (Shams)

~ I had a tension head massage with the pressure points around my head worked on including my neck and shoulders, just what I needed to relieve my headache and leave me feeling relaxed (Leena)

~ Udham was very good. I had a head massage for my migraines and was very relaxing. Need more of these massages to get away from all the work at the desk. Thanks Leena. (Preethy)

~ I had the tension massage. It was so great and extremely relaxing. I highly recommend for anyone. Great Service! Thank you very much Leena! (Andy N)

Neck & Shoulder Massage

~ I have had a 30 minute Neck & Shoulder massage today and it was absolutely fantastic! I could feel the tension in my shoulders being worked away - I will definitely be visiting for another session and would urge anyone else to, too! (Pamela)
~ Neck and shoulders: treatment was really good, applied the right pressure to loosen up all knots, great friendly service. (Jay)

~ Neck and shoulders: treatment was amazing! Would defiantly recommend. Great service. (Taren)

~ I had a neck and shoulders 20 minute treatment today, after securing a last minute appointment. It was fantastic - really good idea to break up a tense day at work. Highly recommend! (Julia)

~ Had an amazing neck and shoulder massage from Adam- he is a genius! Reminded me how important it is to ged rid of the tension that builds up from constantly sitting at a computer. Thanks Leena for sorting this out for me too much appreciated! (Georgina)

~ Had a lovely 20 min neck and shoulder massage to loosen up the tightness and can definitely feel the difference - now to try and stop hunching! Highly recommended, thanks Leena (Lindsay)

~ Amazing, definitely recommend! (Nirmani)

~ Had my Reflexology session yesterday, was really good, Udham taught me how Reflexology actually works and what parts of my foot represent my body, tad bit painful but a good pain! Definitely book this with him again. Happy Thursday! (Hardip)

~ I had a Reflexology massage and felt more energised after this. Also my feet and legs felt light and relaxed where I had some pain. Would definitely recommend! (Leena)

· Hopi Candles – My daughter and I both had this treatment and could feel a difference straight away as the added benefit was the facial massage with essential oils which we've not had done before. I could feel a big difference with the pressure being lifted. Will definitely be trying out the other treatments Adam does.
Adam also gives out very good advice as a friend of mine hurt her back and spoke to Adam who recommended she did certain stretches to help. (Leena - Darlaston)

· Back Massage - Have been having back pain and taking pain killers, and a friend recommended that I call Adam. The back massage along with suggested stretches have eased the pain in my back. Thank you (Adrian - Wolverhampton)

· Back Massage – As recommended by my daughter, really pleased with back and neck massage. Noticed a big difference straight away with back ache as taking less pain killers now. Adam also recommended a few different exercises which i am doing daily which have helped ease the pain too. Have booked for my husband to have a back, neck and shoulder massage. Will be having further treatments and Reflexolog. (Ranjana - Darlaston)

· Hopi Candles – I was but sceptical about having a candle put in my ears but I can honestly say this is an amazing treatment. I could physically feel the difference as each side was done. I'd highly recommend giving this a go especially with Adam as he uniquely combines a facial massage with essential oils which adds to the experience. (Jat - Birmingham)

· Seated Back Massage  – First treatment with Adam was excellent, best one to date I can honestly say. Adam was very accommodating with offering an appointment as I only rang on the day. Seated back massage for back, neck and shoulders felt so much better than lying down as shoulders can be worked on more effectively Have had many treatments over the years but nothing as good as this, I could actually feel the problem areas being worked on and not light touch as previously experienced. Added benefit is the times Adam offers, as hard with a hectic and busy lifestyle to find appointments. Having a late appointment enabled me to get all my jobs done for the day then end with a great treatment. Plus in the comfort of your own home so no travelling back after a treatment. Will definitely be booking more treatments. Thank you (Leena - Darlaston)

· General left arm/leg massage – Thank you for the ongoing treatments, it has improved my condition extensively after my stroke. (Jaswant - Walsall)

· Reflexology – Morning Adam, I slept like a baby but feel bit drained this morning (bit spaced out) however I really enjoyed the treatment and will definitely get another booked! Thank you (Tracey - Walsall)

· Body Massage/Reflexology – Udham, many thanks for your services, you lifted up the spirits of the whole family (Nick - Walsall)

· Body Massage – Treatment was brilliant, very relaxed this morning. Thank you (Bev - Oldbury)

· Body Massage – Best massage I've had in a long time! Slept like a baby and could've slept all day too because I felt so relaxed. Adam is very professional and having the treatment at home is a bonus. Thank you to my friend who recommended Adam (Denis - Oldbury)

· Reflexology – Morning Adam, I slept like a baby but feel bit drained this morning (bit spaced out) however I really enjoyed the treatment and will definitely get another booked! Thank you (Tracey - Walsall)

· Back Massage – Another fantastic massage - thanks (Barry - Wolverhampton)

· Body Scrub/Massage – Its great having a husband who can give me treatments.

· Reflexology – First time i have experienced this treatment - although during the treatment my feet were tender, the following morning i felt energised (Amit - Wolverhampton)

· Indian Head Massage – Felt fantastic a great way to end a day (Dalbir – Walsall)

· Deep Tissue Massage - Excellent 1hr 30mins Session; Feel million times better.
(Spencer - Moseley)

· Massage - Helped ease the sciatica pain down the left side (Pheri – Bilston)

· Hot Stones Massage, Reflexology and Facial – An all over well being indulgence (Kam – Streetly)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

Hot stone back massage, wonderful for my knotty shoulders! Thanks (Lisa)

Really enjoyed the hot stones, a first for me. Released lots of knots (Ceri)

Nice relaxing foot massage with my pedicure-French manicure. Thankyou very much Gurpreet.

As usual, a relaxing massage - I like the hot stones. Ear candles worked their magic (Lesley)

Nice relaxing pedicure once again (Margaret)

Enjoyed the back massage very much (Darren)

Wonderful reflexology Adam, came out very relaxed (Yvonne)

Loveley facial, relaxing and also great pedicure thanks. (Margaret)

Very relaxing back massage. Thankyou (Jeanette)

· Hot Stone Massage - Absolutely wonderful so relaxed. Thankyou (Karen - Great Barr)

· Facial – Thanks dad (Sam – Coseley)

· Facial – Cheers dad (Bal – Coseley)

· Body Massage – Thanks again (Roysten – Wolverhampton)

· Deep Tissue Massage – So good that I am no having weekly treatments (Spencer – Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - As usual a fantastic treatment combination. Feeling really refreshed and relaxed, skin on my face feels really soft and cleansed (Karen – Great Barr)

· Body Massage – Thanks feeling relaxed now (Barry – Wolverhampton)

· Deep Tissue Massage – Excelling soothing treatment, always feel a billion dollars afterwards (Spencer – Moseley)

· Back Massage – What can I say, feel great after the massage ready to take on the world (Sam – Coseley)

· Back Massage – Cheers dad, just what I wanted (Bal – Coseley)

· Deep Tissue Massage – Knots the size of rocks. All sorted now. Excellent (Spencer – Moseley)

· Hot Stones Massage – Lovely and relaxing, gentler than usual but just as nice. Think I dozed off at one point. Thankyou. (Karen – Great Barr)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

Hopi Candle will have again, Adam is very nice (Sheila)

Neck Back and shoulder massage, really removed the knots, movement much improved. Thanks (Ceri)
Lovely relaxing manicure and eyebrows threaded, thankyou Gurpreet really enjoyed it (June)
Another relaxing massage and the Hopi ear candles are great. Thanks (Lesley)
A lovely facial again. Thanks (Margaret)
Absolutely fabulous facial plus. Thanks (Yvonne)
Amazing back massage yet again Adam and thanks to Gurpreet for making my nails so nice. Thank you both, cant wait for the next time (Tina)
Nice and relaxing pedicure and eyebrows threading very good once again (Margaret)
Fantastic shoulder massage. Thanks once again (Jeanette)

· Deep Tissue Massage – ended 20 hours of plane travel. Excellent (Spencer – Moseley)

· Hopi Candles and Facial - My first treatment of Hopi Candles - absolutely fantastic and surprisingly very very relaxing! as for my face massage what can I say - Superb. Thanks again (Dalbir - Walsall)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - Absolutely wonderful, love these two treatments, only bad thing... they have to stop! (Karen - Great Barr)

· Deep Tissue Massage - keeping me in Shape and Stress free! again another excellent treatment (Spencer – Moseley)

· Hot Stone and facial – Absolutely fantastic, a wonderful way to recover from a busy, stressful week and to start a relaxing weekend (Karen – Great Barr)

· Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki - An hour and half of pure bliss. Reiki, deep tissue, it just gets better and better (Spencer - Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - A great way to destress after being stuck in traffic after a long busy day at work! Thankyou, wonderful (Karen - Great Barr)

· Deep Tissue massage - Superb treatment gets better and better! soothed aches and pains (Spencer - Moseley)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

Another good massage - much needed. Hopi Candles always brings relief for my tinnitus (Lesley)
Wow what a different reaction - but very nice, will try another Reiki again (Yvonne)
Really enjoyed my pedicure so relaxing. Thankyou (Margaret)
Enjoyed having pedicure done. Thankyou (Kelly)
A great back massage with hot stones today so relaxing! Thanks, eyebrows done too! (Lisa)
Eyebrow threading and pedicure. Thankyou Gurpreet
Fantastic back massage once again. Thanks Adam (Dave)
Amazing hot stones back massage, so relaxed and a pedicure reday for the flip flops. Thankyou so much (Tina)
Adam, fantastic back massage, just what i needed feel so much more relaxed. Thankyou (Jeanette)
Very good and relaxing as always. Thankyou (Collen)

· Deep Tissue Massage - I was stressed to the max and now I feel normal again! excellent massage (Spencer - Moseley)

· Mother/Daughter Pamper at Karen's House (Great Barr)

Another wonderful Hot Stones Massage and facial, cannot fault this treatment. The best relaxing treatment ever! Gurpreet threaded my eyebrows beautifully, no pain at all. Thankyou. (Karen)
Had eyebrows threaded and a relaxing facial was wonderful. Manicure was great. I love my nails (Hannah)

· Pampering Evening at Yvonne's House (Coven)

I had head massage and was really relaxed. I also tried Hopi Candles and felt a relief in my ears. I will definitely have both again (Sue)
Pedicure and manicure excellent - very relaxing
It was the first time I had had reflexology and found it really relaxing. I will have this again. An excellent pedicure (Lisa)
Had Indian Head Massage. Really enjoyed it. Very relaxing. Thankyou (Yvonne)

· Deep Tissue Massage - A back-crackling-tastic experience. I feel relaxed, supple and pain-free. Excellent experience (Spencer - Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - A fantastic IHM, feel really refreshed and relaxed. Facial felt wonderful, face feels clean and refreshed. Lovely treatments. See you next time (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage - A first class massage. Thank-you (Barry - 15th March 2010 - Wolverhampton)

· Reflexology - A very relaxing experience, Udham you educated me in the art of reflexology. (Jenny Mullins - Great Barr)

· Facial  - A very enjoyable facial. (Pat and Beryl - Bradley)

· Reflexology - Had reflexology treatment for my swollen joints. It was very relaxing and hopefully with a few more sessions it will really help. Thank-you Thia-ji (Keren - Bradley)

· Body Massage - 4 planes in 5 days, feeling broken and crippled, but an hour of magical treatment from Adam fixed me right up (Spencer - Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - A great, very firm massage, feel wide awake now! Facial fantastic as usual. Thank you (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage - Another superb treatment. Thanks (Barry - 1st March 2010 - Wolverhampton)

· Indian Head Massage - Well what can I say! The head massage was even better the second time (Dalbir - Walsall)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

A totally new experience on the hot water pillow. My breathing was so much better following the treatment and my neck felt far more relaxed (Ceri)
Never had an Indian Head massage but it was really relaxing and enjoyable. Deep massage on my neck was really beneficial and so very good for me (Tony)
A really relaxing pedicure by Gurpreet once again, also had eyebrows threaded. Thank you (Margaret)
Enjoyed Pedicure by Gurpreet, also had eyebrows threaded. Thank you (Kelly)
A great back massage as usual! thank you (Lisa)
Thanks for a great manicure, enjoyed it very much (June)
Fantastic Reflexology again, Thanks Adam (Yvonne)
Thanks for a great facial and pedicure (Margaret)
Once again a fabulous and relaxing massage, manicure and eyebrows (Sandra)
Once again, Adam a fantastic back massage very relaxing - and threading of eyebrows (Jeanette)

· Reflexology - Fantastic, relaxing what more can I say (Steve - Tetenhall)

· Body Massage - Wonderful, relaxing and excellent understanding and care. Thanks a lot (Barry - Wolverhampton)

· Reflexology - Had reflexology for the first time - Absolutely amazing!! Thank you Adam (Sat - Wolverhampton)

· Hot Stones Massage - Wonderful. Thanks (Karen - Great Barr)

· Reflexology - has to be one of the best treatments. Fantastic. (Steven - 4th February 2010 - Tetenhall)

· Body Massage - Fabulous (Royston Blythe - Wolverhampton)

· Facial - I felt very relaxed, my skin feels clean and the service was great. I definitely will be coming back. Thank you (Pav - Bradley)

· Hopi Candles - was brilliant, I feel like I can breathe and hear everything! Definitely will be booking more treatments. Thanks (Raj - Bradley)

· Full Body Massage - fixed my back a treat, after hurting my back carrying a fridge up the stairs, pain has gone! (Spencer - Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage - Just like the one I had in Thailand 2 months ago! Definitely rebooked for as soon as possible (Dalbir Gill - Walsall)

· Body Massage - Removed the knots in my shoulders, not an easy job. Feel fantastic after a long haul plane ride (Spencer - Moseley)

· Neck and Shoulder Massage - it was very good and always relieves tension. Will no doubt see you soon (Ally - Coseley)

· Neck and Back Massage - Thanks for another great massage. Always helps after a 16 stone bloke goes over the back of you in a football game... same again after next Fridays game (Bal - Coseley)

· Indian Head Massage - fantastic. Thanks (Jaskamal - Coseley)

· Hopi Candles and Head Massage - Enjoyable and relaxing - Head feels lighter and clearer. Thanks (Sat - Wolverhampton)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - Absolutely fantastic, better than usual, if that is possible! Invigorating and thoroughly relaxing at the same time. Tension relieved across neck & shoulders. Facial - Again fantastic, feel totally relaxed. Thank you (Karen - Great Barr)

· Hopi Candles - lovely relaxing treatment and better still cleared my congested ears. Thankyou (Karen - Great Barr)

· Hopi Candles - Very relaxing, definitely would have this treatment again. Thanks Adam (Sat - Wolverhampton)

· Head Neck and Shoulders - Pain in shoulder, Adam works his magic and I feel wonderful again until next time (Steven - Tetenhall)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's house (Stourbridge)

Back Massage, Very relaxing as per usual! Feel relaxed and re-energised. Thanks (Lisa)
I Love my beautiful nails (Phoebe)
Back Massage & Hopi - I feel so beautifully relaxed now, and I can breathe again. Thanks (Lesley)
A vey good massage once again so relaxed now, thanks Adam (Jeanette)

· Reflexology - Adam works wonders makes me feel full of energy the day after, Thanks until next time (Steven - Tetenhall)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - Great way to start the working year. If I could have one everyday I would - Thankyou (Karen - Great Barr)

· Pamper Birthday at Caroline's House (Wolverhampton)

Hopi Candles & Head Neck and Shoulders - Fantastic, just what was needed for the new year, thankyou (John - S.H. Financial)
Thanks again Adam, back massage was fabulous, lovely oils, perfect touch! Head Massage also great, oils feel great very relaxing, feel awesome. Also had eyebrows threaded and manicure, nails look fab! thanks. See you soon (Caroline)
Thanks for eyebrow threading & pedicure, pedicure was very relaxing.
Hopi Candles - Super. Indian Head so relaxing, neck and head massage - great. see you again. Enjoyed manicure (Jan)
What a lovely day again massages & relaxation 10/10 also Gurpreet is a definite asset to you, a complete pamper day see you soon Adam (Lorna)

· Reflexology - Fantastic as usual, time to myself, ready for bed (Steven - Tettenhall)

· Hopi Candles - Very relaxing. Excellent treatment, tinnitus seemed to be less severe after 1st treatment (Pete - Willenhall)

· Hot Stone Massage and Facial - I adore this treatment, just amazing, facial to top it off. Absolutely lovely. Thankyou (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage - As per usual another fantastic treatment, I will be definitely having another! Thanks Adam (Spencer - Moseley)

· Reflexology - Couldn't have my favourite IHM and facial so opted for Reflexology. Had this one before, was really lovely treatment. Really surprised how relaxing it was. Will have again. Thankyou (Karen – Great Barr)

· Body Massage – Fantastic. Really just what I needed after a very stressful week. As always, Adam found all the problematic areas and I know that all the tension has now been removed. Thanks as always (David - Walsall)

· Body Massage - Hours of driving, stressed, tired. After another amazing treatment I FEEL FANTASTIC! (Spencer – Moseley)

· Head Massage and Hopi Candles – noticed the difference straight away – head felt lighter and after our chat at the end of the treatment gave me some answers I would possibly not have considered (Kay – Walsall)

· Hot Stone Massage – Absolutely wonderful, great way to start the weekend. One of my favourites (Karen – Great Barr)

· Back Massage - Adam’s massage is just fantastic, thankyou very much (Jana – Swadlincote)

· Reflexology and Indian Head Massage - A bit apprehensive on having home treatments but wow what an experience!! Reflex on my feet and Indian Massage just topped the bill. Totally relaxed and pampered – when are you coming back, thankyou so much Adam. See you soon (Lorna – Wolverhampton)

· Back Massage - Had a fantastic back massage really relieved tension all over, Feel 100% better and a lot looser. Now what to have next? (Caroline - Wolverhampton)

· Hopi Candles, Neck and Shoulder Massage - Absolutely brilliant massage made me feel alive again, was feeling down had headache etc, absolute miracle worker. Very friendly and well mannered definitely have it done regularly and would recommend to friends and family (Chinda - Bilston)

· Neck and Shoulder Massage - Very Good, well mannered, will do again and recommend friends (Bal - - Bilston)

· Indian Head Massage and Holistic Facial - Fantastic as usual - I want one every day! (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage - After a 10 hour flight and 2 hour drive, this was the perfect remedy for a sore aching body (Spencer - Moseley)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

Had a shoulder massage, feel so relaxed after this, thanks Adam (June)
Had a Hydrotherm back massage, very relaxing, first time I have had this, most enjoyable (Jeanette)
Another brilliant massage - Hydrotherm massage very strange but hit the right spots. Thanks once again, see you next time. (Sandra)
Nice relaxing pedicure once again and eyebrow threading very good (Margaret)
Had eye brows threaded, very good and good value. Thanks very much (Sarah)
Had the complete Body Massage with Hydrotherm, wonderful! even better with the cold stones, a thoroughly relaxing hour! (Lisa)
Wow, you tempted me into the water bed massage and it was amazing. Never disappointed with your treatments, see you next time (Tina)

· Back Massage - Fantastic as usual. Adam simply knows where the tension is and how to get it out of the muscle - Thank you.
Indian Head - Totally fabulous. Treatment out of this world. Adam is simply gifted and it shows. Thankyou God for sending him on this planet to make us feel so much better (Jana - Swadlincote)

· Head Massage and Holistic Facial - Amazing - feel so relaxed, what a great way to overcome that MONDAY feeling. Sleep time now (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage and Reflexology - I want to go to sleep (Cam - Sutton Coldfield)

· Body Massage - A new experience every time, and every time it gets better. (Spencer - Moseley)

· Body Massage - Another great massage. I always feel that Adam gets right into the problem areas very quickly and concentrates on those areas with precision. Ear candles were a new experience but very beneficial. Head feels much clearer and lighter. (David - Walsall)

· Hydrotherm Massage with Cold Stones and a Facial - Second time having this treatment, wasn't sure first time but this time was so relaxing and a wonderful feeling when the stones were applied cold, but soon warmed up. Lovely to finish with a facial as always (Karen - Great Barr)

· Reiki Treatment - A Magical experience carefully administered calming and soothing will definitely be having this treatment again (Donna - Cradley Heath)

· Body Massage and Head Massage - was on another level! Excellent. Again (Spencer - Moseley)

· Back Massage - Thanks 4 the back massage dad, really helped ease the pain - same again next week (Bal - Coseley)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's house (Stourbridge)

A very good back massage once again (Darren)
Brilliant yet again (Sandra)
Reflex - Brilliant yet again very sound advice and thanks very much can't wait for the next time (Yvonne)
Looking forward to being the guinea pig! Great back massage, all the stiffness from shoulders + neck has disappeared (Lisa)
Excellent massage again, just the right pressure (Dave)
Fantastic massage once again, also had a pedicure which was very relaxing, really enjoyed it (Jeanette)
Fantastic massage on back. Could do with it every week (Coleen)
Wonderful back massage as always, also had pedicure and threading which was amazing think I need the day next time, totally chilled out, Thanks (Tina)

· Body Massage - Another fantastic treatment! Completely solved back + shoulder ache (Spencer - Moseley)

· Indian Head Massage and Facial - A great combination, felt really refreshed and relaxed. Can't imagine going back to having one without the other now. Wonderful. (Karen - Great Barr)

· Hot Stones Massage - Fantastic experience. Really relaxing and experienced some amazing sensations. Totally different and I'm sure beneficial. Definitely have this again! (David - Walsall)

· Hot Stones Massage - Words cannot describe my experience, it was mind blowing relaxing. Will be having again (Leonara - Cradley Heath)

· Relaxing Deep Massage - Brilliant soothing worked wonders to relax & heal aching painful muscles - An Amazing Calming Experience!!! (Donna - Cradley Heath)

· Deep Tissue Massage - Amazing. Hit every point where I had Pain and Stiffness. Great masseur! Very professional and puts you at ease. I would definitely recommend to anyone (Spencer - Moseley)

· Hot Stones Massage - What a great way to start the day! Another fantastic Hot Stone Massage (Karen - Great Barr)

· Body Massage - Very Good Sports Massage (Royston Blythe - Wolverhampton)

· Pampering Day at Jeanette's House (Stourbridge)

Another fantastic Shoulder & Back massage, very relaxing once again (June) 
Very good massage once again (Darren)
Hopi Candles relieve my tinnitus and back massage is really relaxing (Lesley)
Another fantastic massage, really relaxing, cheers (Sandra)
A very good facial, very relaxing. Takes all the stress away (Margaret)
Reflexology - Absolutely fantastic again really starting to get there. Very emotional again but great (Yvonne)
Another fantastic Back Massage, very relaxing. Can't wait till next time, Thanks (Sarah)
Hot Stone Massage, this was amazing and so relaxing, ready for a glass of wine and ready to chill for the evening. (Jeanette)

· Body Massage - Helped me to relax and understand myself. The treatment was carried out thoroughly and professionally. It was one of the best treatments I have had (Mohammed - Walsall)

· Hydrotherm Full Body Massage - The treatment is absolutely fab. The only massage I can actually relax with. Adam is really professional and instinctively knows where the stress is locked up. Do love this treatment. Wish I could have it every day (Jana - Swadlincote)

· Pampering Evening at Wendy's House (Merriden, Coventry)

The Best Indian Head Massage I've ever had! I would highly recommend the treatment with the oils. Very relaxing (Becky)
My handwriting maybe a bit ropey as I'm almost asleep after a fantastic neck and shoulder massage. Need I say more? (Vanesa)
I personally had a Hopi ear candle treatment and it was lovely. It feels like a gentle crackling in your ear and the massage around the neck and 
face is very soothing and relaxing too - All my guests left feeling relaxed and suitably dopey - in a good way (Wendy)

· Testimonial received from Karen (Great Barr)

I Have been having holistic treatments from Udham for over 4 years. Over time as he has gained qualifications in new treatments and added them to the list offered, I have tried them for myself. Having the treatments makes me a lot more relaxed plus more energetic and refreshed. Enjoy! 
The Following is just a brief overview of my experiences:
Indian Head Massage - This was the first treatment I had. This has remained one of my favourites, combining a facial is perfect and really compliment each other.

Seated Back Massage - I have suffered with lower back pains, i tried a seated back massage and the pain was relieved immediately. Being seated is seems to be a deeper massage, targeting painful areas better. Good alternative to a normal back massage if space is limited.

Hopi Ear Candle - A very nice treatment, yet again, relaxing. Although you may not see an immediate result the following day I noticed the difference.

Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage - Always finds and works on areas that need a it a little more. A lovely treatment. Very relaxing.
Reflexology - You wouldn't think it, but this is a good stress relieving therapy. Was a loveley treatment. Also made my feet softer and not so tired.
Facial - This is a wonderful treatment. In my opinion the facial is better than Champneys!
Hydrotherm Massage - Sounds a bit strange, having a massage on warm water filled pillows but it was a lovely sensation to be lying, as if floating on the water. A really nice massage and you don’t have to move to turn over.
Hot Stone Massage - Absolutely Fantastic! Another of my favourites. Excellent, as usual, massage with the addition of hot stones. A wonderful treatment. I love it! Be warned you will be so relaxed you may fall asleep, a great experience.

Udham is a great therapist, will combine treatments and adapt to suit you. Any one of the treatments I'd recommend. Ive also found that having regular treatments, whichever one it is, even if once a month, is very beneficial to helping with everyday stresses. If I go for more than a few weeks without one I notice the difference.

· A few Testimonials received whilst a resident Holistic Therapist at Hoar Cross Hall Spa in Staffordshire (October 2006 - April 2008)

Hopi - Wonderful experience, fabulous therapist and I feel amazing, thankyou (D.Mclean)
Reflexology - I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the treatment it was excellent (S.M Davies)
Reflexology - Excellent treatment, both massage + follow discussion very professional + informative (L.Glenton)
Top2Toe - A most enjoyable experience- cannot wait to come again. Would book with Adam again - such a pleasant and friendly man with magic hands!! (M.Corrado)
Reflexology - Excellent, Very enjoyable. Thankyou Adam (D.Ragget)
Ultimate - Adam I have been to this spa 5 times and had most of the treatments but this was the nicest, most fantastic, most sensual treatment I have ever had. I want to take you home! Thankyou so much (D.Terryman)
Hopi-Candles - Very informative therapist felt at ease enjoyable treatment (S.Fradley)
Reflexology - A superb session which left me feeling totally relaxed and at peace. (J.Kennedy)
Deluxe w/b - Wonderful, would have it again. Adam was very helpful, definitely worth having (D.Owen)
Deluxe w/b - Although initially nervous re. male therapist I was soon put at ease and experienced a relaxing massage which made me feel wonderful(A.Smith)
Top2Toe - Fantastic can I take him home, never felt so relaxed well worth the money (Sue)
Indian Head Massage, My first ever head massage so I didn't know what to expect, but Adam was very attentive and reassuring (N.Spilsbury)
Reflexology - Best treatment - felt so relaxed (K.Meigh)

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