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Holistic Treatments

The human touch has a profound effect on the physical and emotional well being of a person. Massage therapy is the therapeutic use of touch, by hands, elbows or feet. Massage is comforting and soothing, letting go of toxins from tissue and dispersing lactic acid. Endorphins, the body's natural feel good factor are released from muscles during massage.

An alternative to a medical treatment is Holistic therapy; Holistics is a non-medical way to help relieve, amongst other ailments, the everyday Stress that comes with the modern way of life, helping you to relax enabling the body to heal itself.

Holistics refers to treating the "the whole person" and not just a specific part or addressing only a particular disorder. Through the use of holistic treatment, an individual can help ease a disorder or a disease by treating the body entirely and not just the symptoms of the disorder.

Holistic therapy has been practiced from time immemorial and is known to be one of the oldest forms of treatment that has gained favour over the ages

Stress Relief should not be Stressful

Most salons are open during your WORKING hours and closed when you're free. You fight your way through the traffic to the salon and your stress levels are elevated. You have a wonderful relaxing massage. And then face the same journey home. Stressed again!

We offer a mobile complementary health service and specialise in providing treatments where and when you need it most - including evenings and weekends.

You will receive the highest quality therapeutic massage treatments possible, safely and comfortably in your homeAt a time to suit you. No stressful journey afterwards! . Therefore, allowing you to relax after the treatment allowing your body to go into 'self-heal'.

(please note, you will need space to fit a massage couch or chair depending on treatment and possibly a separate room for pamper days)
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